Here is Sally’s first video talking about SFT when it all started a few years ago


SFT was my childhood dream. I Salima Kadaoui known as Sally, born from a Moroccan father and British mother, was raised in Tangier. Ever since I was a child I always saw strays on the streets desperately needing help. I wanted to take them all home. In 2013 I started doing just that. However taking all the strays home is not the solution and it is also impossible. We have thousands of strays in Tangier.
We now have over 400 rescued animals at the sanctuary. So a solution had to be found. Educating the community is the most important thing. Many cases of cruelty are due to ignorance. Going to schools is essential. The children are the future. Teaching love and compassion goes a very long way. We don’t criticise our community. We have the privilege of an education. Many here do not. So we explain and show how to care for an animal. We have a fantastic reputation because not only we provide the best possible care to all our babies, we help many poor families with their animals, we go to schools , we give advice, we do all we can to find loving homes for abandoned animals and we never walk away from an animal in distress even if we don’t have the funds because to us every life is precious.

SFT is the future for the animals in Tangier. We are now working with the authorities to protect both humans and animals. This is huge as mass poisoning was the way to control the population of the strays . Finally, our strays will be accepted by our community because of our project Hayat which is to treat, neuter, vaccinate and tag our strays.

SFT may be my dream but it is only possible thanks to the wonderful humans who donate. Please be part of SFT and donate £1 a month or whatever you can to help us.

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