I was told there was no point in trying to change the plight of dogs in Morocco so many times. I am stubborn and thanks to our wonderful supporters I simply did not give up. Many of our SFT strays were culled in the past. I remember every single one of them and will never forget them as each of them was just unique. With each little bit of progress we make 1 smile. We are a step closer in achieving our goal. When I was invited to come to this conference I was so happy for the animals. There are amazing stubborn humans here also determined to make this world a better place. We are making planet earth a better place for all.
Between your financial help and our determination we have achieved so much. We absolutely must continue to #TNVT many stray #dogs . I am asking all our followers around the world to please help. If everyone donated one pound we could cover all our bills and protect many more babies. Please share, talk about us and #help.
Love to you all. Sally xxxxx.

International stray dog conference in Madrid