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Rescued in 2020

I am Hatchi, named after the amazing dog that waited for his owner every day in the same spot. Just like him, I am determined, determined to live! This is my story.

I was run over by a car and got completely paralysed waist down. Somehow I managed to drag myself away from the road and miraculously I ended up in a safe haven for TNVT babies that SFT volunteer Silvia was looking after. The SFT team came immediately to my rescue. I had terrible infections, I was exhausted, weak, and in so much pain. Thank goodness I have the best vet ever and that terrible infection was treated but my spine is broken. But, I will never walk again.

After the time at the clinic, I came to the SFT house. I slept for days. Then slowly I started to move, gain weight, get stronger. One day I started to sit on my own and then drag my self. My wounds had healed and I was full of energy! I am now at the sanctuary with loads of friends and amazing conditions. I have a great sandpit to play in without hurting myself, I have a wheelchair and I have a pool to swim and cool myself down. I am on the best possible diet. I am simply very very lucky. Would you please sponsor me and ensure I continue to have the best condition ever? Not only you will help me but also all the disabled babies.

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If you would like to become Hatchi’s sponsor and donate £20 a month for his care, please click below.