Volunteering for SFT – Rosie


Ever since being a little girl, I knew I wanted to do all I could to help animals who needed someone to help them – after all, humans have a voice, animals don’t!

When I came across SFT on Instagram, I knew I had to go out there and volunteer. The sanctuary really did steal my heart, it was everything I expected and more. I knew Sally had a lot of animals but I remember being shocked as I walked through the sanctuary as I saw for myself how many animals Sally has taken in and now lived in the sanctuary. She has literally saved the lives of 500+ animals who wouldn’t now be alive if wasn’t for her and the sanctuary's wonderful workers like Moustapha and Muhammad.

The sanctuary really did steal my heart, it was everything I expected and more

One thing I was worried about before I went was that I would get upset seeing distressed animals and animals that are in pain. And yes I did see that when we went out on the streets and picked up the strays, but I couldn’t quite believe how happy the animals were at the sanctuary, they obviously knew they were loved very much by Sally and the workers! And it was amazing to see the difference it made when we brought the strays back to the sanctuary; they instantly became relaxed and had a sudden love for life. 

All the animals at the sanctuary stole my heart, but a particular little lady I spent a lot of time with was Nela the lamb (who we found paralysed and unable to walk!) She was so weak and thin when we found her you really did worry that she would not survive. Nela stayed in my room with me at night and during the day I would sit with her in the sunshine and also tried different techniques to try and get her walking.

When we took her to the vet, he said it was unlikely she would walk again. Sure enough, with the unconditional love and belief from SFT, 3 months later little Nela is on her feet! She may not be perfect, her legs are still bent when she walks, but the difference in literally 3 months is just amazing! And that is all down to the fact SFT took her in, and gave her the love/food/warmth and belief that she could get better. They never once gave up on her! When Kady McDermott  posted about donations for a wheelchair for her, Some people online were shallow enough to say ‘its only a lamb, put it to sleep if it can’t walk’ but that’s the thing with SFT, every single being is as important as the other. A life is a life! And that goes to show with all the different animals that live there, from the hundreds of dogs and cats to a seagull, to donkeys, and their 2 beloved wild boars!


Another thing I was shocked to learn was the expense to keep the sanctuary running, £3000 a week is the absolute minimum they need to raise to cover bills alone. And that’s without carrying on the work outside the sanctuary, TNVT’ing the many strays that still need our help. Doing work on the outside of the sanctuary is just so important, to spread compassion and love and to show the locals that these animals aren’t harmful in any way, they just want to be loved!

Since returning from the sanctuary I think about it a lot, SFT is forever in my heart! I think about the likes of princess Cassy, who at one point when she was first rescued looked like she didn’t want to live anymore, she just looked so sad and in pain. Many kisses and cuddles later along with a new wheelchair fit just for her, she runs around the sanctuary with a look of such happiness and content on her face it really is just amazing. 

I urge anybody who is considering going out to volunteer too just go and do it, you will not only help change the lives of hundreds of animals, it will also change your life

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out an application form.

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