Hi, I’m MAY



Rescued in 2019

My name is May. I was found on the side of the road, terrified, alone and in so much pain. My skin was raw and pussy as I was suffering terribly with mange. I was covered in ticks and blood where my skin had become so sore.

A kind lady named Hannah found me. I was really scared at first because humans normally chase me away and call me ‘dirty’ but she was different. She sat down next to me, talked to me and explained that everything was going to be ok, that she was going to take care of me. Eventually I decided to trust her. She took me to the lovely vet who has started me on all the treatment I am going to need to make me feel better. I also had a lovely warm shower to help my skin as it is so sore.

My journey to recovery has just begun. It will take me a long time to heal and I will need treatment for life as I have something called leishmaniasis, a nasty disease caused by sandflies biting my skin.

But my new family have told me that soon I will feel so much better. I will never be alone again as I now have a forever loving home at the sanctuary.

All my treatment will be costly, could you please help me by becoming my monthly sponsor?

x x x



If you would like to become May's sponsor and donate £20 a month for her care, please click below.