Hi, I’m SAM



Rescued in 2016

My name is Sam. As you can see, I have a super speedy wheelchair that I use to get about.
I had a tough journey before SFT took me in. I did have owners but after I had a bad accident (I fell from their balcony) and became paralysed, they no longer wanted me.

I was taken in by a charity in Casablanca, however I can be a bit tricky to look after as I don’t get on with all dogs so they asked if SFT would take me. I would never hurt a human but at SFT I wear a muzzle around some dogs just to be safe. The team at SFT give me so much love and do their very best to make sure I live a very happy life at the sanctuary.

Would you help look after me just like SFT did and become my monthly sponsor? You’ll be helping not only me but all my friends too.

x x x



If you would like to become Sam's sponsor and donate £20 a month for his care, please click below.