For your interest in coming to volunteer at the sanctuary. Whilst we really do appreciate the interest we receive, we are inundated with volunteer requests.

Before filling out the application form below, please know that volunteering at SFT is not glamorous in any way. You will be dirty 99% of the time. You will get hardly any sleep and will have to spend some time poop a scooping and cleaning.

There are no fancy rooms or comfortable beds, no electricity and limited running water. You will be sleeping with the cats (but don’t worry they are great company)

If after reading this you still can’t wait to come and help, then please fill out the form below.

If not, thats fine! There are so many ways you can help – we have a small network of volunteers around the world who help with everything from social media to design. If you are able to become one of our SFT warriors, please email info@sftmorocco.org x

Are you happy for us to call you about your application?


+212 (0) 700 166 193




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