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Please join us in our life-saving mission and stand with us to ensure that our doors stay open, for every animal, every day.


SFT was the childhood dream of our founder, Salima Kadaoui (Sally).

Growing up in Tangier, Sally saw the suffering of the stray population and dreamt of taking them home to give them the love and care they so desperately needed.

In 2013 Sally started doing just that. Whilst living with her sister in Tangier, she started helping the strays – taking them to the vet to be neutered, vaccinated and treated. After rescuing more than 50 animals, much more space was needed so she moved to land 23km outside of Tangier.

Over the years, through hard work and dedication, SFT has grown exponentially and is now home to over 500 animals. We have a strict no kill policy, and offer a forever loving home to all the animals that come into our care.

We have animals at the sanctuary that, if we hadn’t saved, would almost certainly have been euthanised. These include 15 very happy disabled dogs scooting about on wheels, many dogs and cats who have amputated limbs and so many more with ongoing expensive medical conditions. But to us, every life is precious.

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However, the sanctuary is in desperate need of funding and support to continue our vital work. We still have no electricity or running water, our enclosures need fixing and updating and we need to employ many more people to manage our growing family of animals and continue our community work.

Everything that has been achieved so far has only been possible thanks to our amazing supporters. We still receive no corporate or government funding and rely 100% on voluntary donations.

If you are able to donate or would like to become a corporate sponsor. We would love to hear from you.

SFT UK was created in 2013 to help the animals of Tangier. It’s a non-profit organization set up to provide sanctuary for the animals of Tangier. SFT Morocco was later created in 2015 to support this vital work.


A big thank you to Broken Biscuits CharityAnimal Rescue Morocco and The Anthony V Martin Charitable Foundation for their ongoing support for the sanctuary. Helping to change the lives of animals everyday.

Wonderful people performing a great service to humanity and animals. They deserve all the support in the world. Amazing project, amazing results!

Shiv Davis, Belgium

I can't stop saying BIG BIG Respect & BIG thanks to you and your noble team! Proud to see you and to see myself in you as a Moroccan woman! Huge thanks again to you guys! In the name of every Moroccan!

Houda Boussetta, Casablanca

Ce que vous faites pour ces âmes innocentes est admirable! merci ! ça rassure de savoir qu'il y a encore des personnes qui se préoccupent du sort de ces animaux en détresse, très souvent maltraités.

Saloua Kortobi, Teacher

Amazing woman, amazing sanctuary. Restores faith in humanity xxx

Fiona Brown, London

I now donate monthly to this amazing charity after following her on instagram and seeing her work and how she educates the community, Sally is a hero.

Emma Rosina Thrussell, UK

Amazing place with incredible lovely people for a better world!

Simo Naciri, Morocco

People with their hearts in the right place who create a safe place for the animals in need!

Ron Toneman, Netherlands

Grand remerciements pour votre solidarité en faveur de ses pauvres animaux en détresse .vous êtes un ange gardien. Bonne continuation.

Kabira Mouhid, Morocco

Bravo .... ça va être difficile mais vous allez changer bcp de chose!

Louise Mercier, Quebec

Such inspirational, loving, caring people, who stop at nothing to help each and every animal.

Samantha Peters, UK


Shortly after opening the sanctuary, Sally realised that just taking the strays in wasn’t going to solve the problem. With an estimated 30,000 stray dogs on the streets of Tangier, and an estimated 3 million in Morocco as a whole, she knew the only way to both care and protect them was to introduce TNVT (Treat, Neuter, Vaccinate & Tag) and as a result, Project Hayat (meaning LIFE) was born. You can find out more about the project by clicking here.

As well as being home to over 500 animals and running Project Hayat, SFT is working hard with the community of Tangier to change attitudes towards the care and treatment of animals.

Unfortunately, in Morocco, many cases of cruelty are due to ignorance. But we don’t criticise our community. We have the privilege of an education, many in Tangier do not.

We regularly help poor families in rural Morocco who are unable to feed, care or treat their animals if they are sick or injured. We listen, offer advice and do all we can to find loving homes for abandoned, lost or unwanted animals. We never walk away from an animal in distress, even if we don’t have the funds. Because to us, every life is precious.

“Teaching love and compassion goes a very long way”


The key to changing attitudes is education.

We regularly go into local schools to talk to children about the work that SFT does, and to explain to them how important it is to care for any living creature, and show them that caring for animals is everyone’s responsibility.

By doing this, we encourage human empathy towards animals in the hope that it will grow and flourish in the community and in turn put an end to the cruelty and mistreatment of any living creature in Tangier.

We always receive such a wonderful response from these children, and it fills us with the hope that one day, both humans and animals in Tangier will be able to live in harmony.

You can follow along with the work we are doing by following our Moroccan Facebook page here.


Adoption success and what its like to volunteer, catch up on our latest stories below.


We would love to hear from individuals or businesses who would like to support us and our mission. Anything, no matter how small will make a massive difference.


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