We are on call all day, every day and are faced with the most heartbreaking cases of neglect, abuse and cruelty. But we never turn away.


Below are some examples of the terrible emergency cases that we are faced with. Unfortunately, cases like these are common in Tangier and an almost daily occurance for the SFT team.

Please consider donating to our emergency fund to ensure that we are always there for the animals who so desperately need our help.

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Spirit has one of the worst cases of neglect that we have seen in a long time. She was brought into the local clinic a few days ago after being horrifically neglected for quite some time.

The vet believes that there was a cord around her neck, used to tie her up. She had been trying to desperately escape, which has resulted in the horendous deep, sore wounds on her neck.

As well as this, she has also been subjected to severe neglect and was left to starve. Spirit’s injuries appeared to have been sustained a few weeks prior to arriving at the vet.

Lire la suite

This sweet girl has endured an immense amount of pain, suffering, and extreme fear. She is currently on a range of medications as well as a high protein hepatic diet.

It is going to be a long road back to good health for Spirit, but as her name suggests, she has a positive spirit about her.

She has been tested for leishmaniasis and rabies, but thankfully the test results are negative. The vets are hoping that starvation hasn’t caused too much damage to her internal organs, but only time will tell. At the moment she won’t let anyone near her and treating her wound is causing her a lot of stress.

Spirit has now been brought back to the sanctuary to continue her recovery. She has good days and bad days, but we are pleased to say that she is currently stable.

In the meantime, please consider contributing towards her care and rehabilitation. She really does deserve a wonderful and happy life and we are going to do everything we can to give it to her.


When we found Baria, she had a very high temperature, a broken leg and was suffering terribly with mange. We later realised that her fever was due to an infection in her leg.

Our little beauty is starting to feel much better and her temperature is now normal. The priority is to clear up the infection and then treat her for mange and get her on a high protein diet.

It will take a while to get Baria back to good health. She will need lots of care, medication and treatment from our wonderful vet. If you are able to donate towards her recovery please click on the button below.


This poor little pup fell down into a drain shortly after her mum gave birth to her and her siblings. Her family stayed close by but she was never able to get herself out. Luckily, a member of the community contacted SFT to let us know.

After three long months of trying to coax this puppy out and trying a number of different approaches, we finally had to request the help of the fire service. You can see the dramatic rescue in the video above. It may look a bit brutal, but using water pressure was the only way to get her out. Even though she was absolutely terrified she was unharmed.

Lire la suite

After getting her checked by our vet, who we had standing by, she was taken back to the sanctuary. This poor little girl had never seen sunlight or had any interaction with people so was understandably frightened.

She has a long road to recovery, adjusting to a life outside of the drain, the only world she has known. She needs a range of medication, hydration, high quality food, vitamins and needs testing for a range of diseases to make sure she is healthy.

But we are beyond relieved that she is now safe.

If you are able to contribute to her recovery, please do so by clicking on the button below. Every single time you donate you are helping to save puppies like Drainy. Thank you.


Any donation, large or small makes the world of difference to the lives of these animals and allows us to continue our vital work.


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