SFT Animal Sanctuary is run by a small but dedicated team and is currently home to over 500 animals including over 400 dogs, 120 cats, 30 donkeys and many more.


Salima (Sally) is our founder and SFT was her childhood dream. Born from a Moroccan father and British mother, she was raised in Tangier and grew up seeing the suffering of the strays on the streets, desperately needing help. In 2013 she returned to Tangier to turn her dream into a reality.

Sally’s mission is for the humans and animals in Tangier to live in harmony. And for every animal to be shown the care and compassion they deserve.

She believes that the key to this is to educate the community and be an example for others to follow.


Dr Lahrech is an honorary member of SFT. He is a vet based in Tangier and works day and night to help the sanctuary.

From treating and neutering strays for our TNVT programme to attending to emergency cases at all hours.

We are so very lucky to have this man working with the sanctuary. We owe him a great deal.


We desperately need to hire at least 4 more people for our team, but unfortunately don’t have the funds to pay them. If you or your company/organisation would like to sponsor a very modest salary, please get in touch.


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